Advanced levels - A levels with intensive technical programmes

Ages: 16 to 18

Estoril Campus

(The whole curriculum taught in English)

Prime School candidates can choose from a number of additional courses related to the technological field

We offer a career program to conclude Advanced levels diplomas.

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The aim of Private Pilot (Aeroplanes) course is to instruct student-pilots to fly aircraft safely and proficiently under Visual Flight Rules.


The privileges of the holder of a Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplanes) (PPL (A)) are to act without remuneration as Pilot in Command (PIC) or co-pilot on aeroplanes or Touring Motor Glider (TMG) engaged in non-commercial operations.


  • A level Design & Technology/Physical Education

  • A level English or another Language

  • A level Media Studies

  • Technical Knowledge such us Air law, Human Performance and Limitations, Meteorology, Radio communications, Aircraft General Knowledge, Principles of Flight, Navigation, Operational Procedures, Flight Planning and Monitoring, Math  and Physics for aviation .

  • Flight instruction

  • Preparation for the Theoretical Exam at Anac. 

  • After the students being awarded with PPl (a) All students can apply for AIRLINE PILOT LICENSE

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Our Marketing Course will equip you with the basic tools and skills needed to be working with marketing, advertising, content production, communication, journalism, to name a few.

Learners will partake in work experience programmes with selected partners, equipped with the tools and skills required to operate and monetize social media.

Learn from one of the founding programmers and creators of the online management system, ODOO. 

Garner in depth knowledge of various modules namely, Human Resource management, Stock control, CRM, SEO, CMS and more.


  • A level Design & Technology

  • A level English or another language

  • A level Media Studies

  • All students will be offered an intership in our Marketing Department at Prime School International in the last year.

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If you are passionate about Tourism, Travel and Cooking, you can choose this course.

This will lead you to a wide variety of career opportunities including hotel management, food service or travel management and more.

The Prime School Travel & Tourism Program is a program that combines work-based training and study, providing students with skills in food handling, cooking, tourism and administration and is the perfect place for students to engage in a hands-on learning environment to prepare and become leaders in the hospitality, tourism and catering industries..


  • A level of Travel & Tourism

  • A level Media Studies

  • A level English or Another Language

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Interested in Languages?

You can complete your secondary education with courses focused on languages ​​and media studies.

These subjects can be useful in different areas such as theater, tourism, language schools, international organizations, journalism, media and many others.

This program involves

● Internship with Prime School in the commercial department, as well as in partners of our institution

● Performing Arts Mini Course


  • A level of Language

  • A level  Language

  • A level Media Studies

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With this option you will gain practical knowledge and build an understanding of project management tools, techniques and processes across a wide range of job market sectors. The course gives you the chance to develop core project management processes and act as an active team member, developing your skills to be a team leader, a project leader or a small to medium-sized project manager.


  • A level Media Studies

  • A level of Business

  • A level English or another language

Getting Started

By starting a business, you help form the backbone of the global economy. Each small business may not employ many people, but combined, the small business community is a powerful force.

Managing a Business

Once you start your business, it’s time to get to work running day-to-day operations. From sales to customer service, small business owners often get involved in every part of their business.

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The course will provide you with extensive theoretical and professional training in the field of marine science to meet the interdisciplinary research needs of physical oceanographers, marine biologists, marine chemists and marine geologists, Climate Change and the Effects of Climate Change, It also adds new sections on Estuaries, Beaches, Barrier Islands, Shellfish, Macroalgae, Food Chains, Food Webs, and Coastal Resource Management.

As a complement to this course we have included the Local License Letter, this license is for students to be able to sail and allows them to sail a vessel up to a maximum distance of 25 miles from a safe harbor and 6 miles from the coast, depending on the installed power and size of the vessel, regardless. It also allows sailing day or night.
Practical sailing classes on a 40-foot sailboat will be held one Friday afternoon, per month.
At the end of the school year, students will take the boat from Lisbon to the Algarve, and will analyze all the flora and fauna that they find along the way.


  • A level of Biology

  • A level of Marine Science

  • A level Physical Education

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