How is the Boarding School at Prime School?

Some facts

There are several types of boarding schools. They have the skilled, highly credentialed staff to ensure the best possible outcome for your child. They focus on college preparation as well.

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The Boarding School from Prime School is staffed with well-qualified teachers.

Prime School provides a boarding school with a percentage of teachers with advanced degrees. The numbers are usually quite high. Why? Because Prime School demand the high quality teaching which your child receives. Teachers with advanced degrees usually have a wealth of experience and knowledge in their subject area.

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The Boarding School at Prime School offer a family atmosphere

We are very pride on offering a warm, family atmosphere. How do we do that? We break the student population down into smaller, more intimate groups by having the students living in dormitories. Each dorm has a resident faculty supervisor living down the hall from where your child lives. The socialization and fostering of relationships continues with family style meals and relaxing times in the common room. Students engage in activities and projects will build bonds and team spirit.
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The Boarding School at Prime School welcome national and international students.

The standard of education is high. The opportunity to learn English as a first language  and to immerse oneself in British and  Portuguese culture is a huge draw for many overseas families. The boarding school of Prime schools also appeal because we provide a solid academic preparation for college and university work. Our boarding School offer the mix of academics, sports and extracurricular which parents and students from other countries find most compatible with their objectives.

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