Keeping children happy during COVID-19

Help Kids Stay Occupied

The COVID-19 crisis has put parents in an unexpected position; they’re now at home, all the time, and so are their children, as schools are closed and workplaces order employees to work from home or simply not come in. How can parents keep their kids from losing it, while keeping it together themselves?

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1. Be Fair To Yourself

Many parents are feeling the pressure to be super-parent, to both be at work on time, showered and ready to go, and to be the greatest parent possible at all times. But nobody can be a super-parent all the time, and there are going to be moments where you have to tell the kids turn on the TV for an hour or play a game while you handle something else. Give permision to yourself to be human amd make msitakes.

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2. Use Teamwork

Part of making all this work is teamwork. Look at your current chore and work schedule and figure out who needs to handle what. Older kids can reasonably be expected to wash dishes, vacuum, prep food, and so on, while younger kids can help out in other ways. Everybody in the family should make clear what they most need from each other to get through the current situation, and who’s expected to give what.
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3. Stick to Schedules

While there may not be classrooms or after-school activities to go to, that doesn’t mean you should just get up whenever and go to bed when you’re tired. Work on sticking to schedules across your whole family, including wake-up times, bedtimes, chores, and other requirements.