School life and Covid-19

Communication - In tune with the status quo of a country plagued by COVID-19, and conscious of its responsibilities, PRIME SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL..

         In tune with the status quo of a country plagued by COVID-19, and conscious of its responsibilities, PRIME SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL, a bilingual, private educational establishment, with over 600 children from approximately 60 nationalities, sought - and seeks - to play its part responsibly, having adopted the following measures:

  1. To ensure that schooling does not become a nuisance or burden in its community’s lives - something always kept in mind by this educational establishment;

  2. To this end, following the Portuguese government’s announcement last Friday declaring the quarantine of people and closure of schools, our teams managed to put procedures in place over that weekend, to guarantee the success of online lessons, and to provide families with the support they need, without destabilising individual routines;

  3. The key word was school routine; subjects and timetables having been maintained, as usual;

  4.  Prime School has managed to engage pupils/students in virtual lessons, to maintain contact, avoid isolation and to allow for joint learning, as in a classroom setting;

  5.  The same school timetable was assured to all children, from Year 01 to Year 13;

  6.  Parents & Guardians were informed that children who fail to attend online lessons will be marked absent, thus dissuading leisure activities during school hours;

  7.  Pupils/Students proceed with their lessons and maintain their 09:00 to 16:30 timetable online, in the comfort of their homes;

  8.  Online weekly meetings were also organised with Parents/Guardians, as well as extracurricular and recreational activities, such as Drama, Cooking, Physical Education, Yoga, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Maths);

  9.  Bearing in mind the current calamity, additional extracurricular activities involving adults and children were also incorporated into the programme;

  10.  In addition to Prime School’s international curriculum, an online interactive platform was made available, for interaction and support amongst students; a platform whereby teachers help international students prepare for the Cambridge IGCSE, A Levels, the IB (International Baccalaureate) and Secondary Portuguese exams;

  11.  Prime School, by way of this support, is offering bursaries/grants to top academic national and international students.

          How did Prime School manage to place all its routines online in record time? The answer has to be the Human factor - from a highly qualified team of teachers, to an alert and perceptive Management. Prime School’s Management is made up of a team of engineers, with links to the European Space Agency (ESA) and General Staff Officers/Reserve Army Majors. The procedures adopted at grass roots level within the establishment have the same discipline as those of a space agency or an army. United in the quest to win this war!