Prime School's offers a flexible curriculum with integrated assessment for 3-5 year olds.


Prime School has been recognized by its excellence of teaching which is owed to its founder Sir Carlos Almeida. The Pre-School level corresponds to the Kindergarten (from 3 to 5 years), Thus:

Kinder Blue

(3 years)

Kinder Orange

(4 years)


(5 years)

The pre-school of Colégio Prime School, that has children between 3 and 5 years, is a magical place full of colour and sound where learning is achieved daily in a playful way and we embrace childishness. It is here that the great learn with the smallest what is really great and the smallest achieve their biggest conquests.

In this level we have as general orientation and objectives:

To stimulate the capacity of each child to further his formation and to develop in a balanced way all of his potential.

To develop a healthy and positive social co-existence by way of self respect and respect for others.

To develop the self motivation of the child by way through the construction of a spirit of criticism and freedom of choice in decision making.

To stimulate self esteem and independence and to promote individual capacities.

To develop the ability of the child to concentrate and to make plans through the daily activities.

To promote habits of hygiene and security in relation to himself and others as well as a notion of correct physical postures.

To develop the ability of expression and communication as well as that of creative imagination and to stimulate playfulness.

To develop the moral formation of the child and the idea of responsibility associated with that of liberty.

To contribute to the emotional stability and security of the child.

To advance the diagnosis of inadaptability or precociousness and to promote the best orientation and route for the child.

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The application of our  model in this cycle is through songs, rhymes and stories that habituate the ear to the phonetics and the novelty of the vocabulary that is different to that which is heard at home.  The secondary languages will be gradually acquired and it is common for a child to only demonstrate his command in a language after some time given that it is normal to only feel confident to formulate phrases when one has control over an adequate base of words and colloquial expressions.In the kindergarten, from 3 to 5 years, we follow the educational project in english, we initiate the students in the portuguese and Spanish Language.

At 5 years, (Y1), the students begin the Primary level and the child is introduced playfully to the sciences and mathematics, dramatic expression, ICt, History, geography, PE, and the Portuguese and spanish language.

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