FOR 14 – 24 YEAR OLDS

Our boarding school in Estoril, Portugal, is open to children from the ages of 14 to 24 years old.

Prime School International Boarding House is a warm vibrant community of students, staff and families dedicated to caring for, and getting the best out of each individual. Set among the famous beaches of western Portugal the Boarding House is conveniently located just 5 minutes from the shore, 4 minutes from the gym and 3 minutes from the supermarket.

The aim of our Boarding Team is to support and challenge each individual to reach their full potential and follow their dreams, and the Boarding House provides a safe and welcoming atmosphere in which to do this. Students are encouraged to take part in every aspect of boarding life helping them to grow and develop into happy, motivated and inspirational citizen of the world.

English is the common language in the Boarding House although as an international community with over 20 nationalities we celebrate the many cultures within.

Boarding options are flexible and we aim to offer something to suit every family’s needs. From full time boarding to weekday boarding, where students stay with us Monday to Thursday nights and return to their families for the weekends.

Providing exceptional accommodation, nutritional advice, academic support and an outstanding array of extracurricular activities, Prime School International Boarding House is an incredibly rewarding and enriching environment in which to study and live.

To develop each individual into happy, motivated and inspirational citizen of the world. To achieve this Prime School International Boarding House’s mission is:

  • To provide a safe, healthy, supportive and caring environment for boarders to live within.

  • To grow and develop each individual.

  • To promote a spirit of communal and independent responsibility.

  • To ensure each boarder has the opportunity and is supported to develop academically, socially, morally and culturally in an atmosphere of positivity, encouragement and trust To offer a diverse, engaging and enriching activity programme.


What makes us unique


Inspiring: Place in which staff  and  students create a community to inspire each other to dream and act big.

Supportive: Environment that is challenging, safe to experiment and encourages personal growth.

International: Exposure to different cultures and ways of life through learning and living together.

Like-minded: High potential, active, talented and open minded students from Portugal and abroad.


Develop all your child's potential at Prime School.

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