American Football

IGCSE and A-level's with intensive sports programs



Anyone who knows football understands that it’s a year-round endeavor. The work is only getting started when the season ends and no program better prepares student-athletes to succeed at the next level than the Prime School Partners Academy football program. We focus on individual improvement through one-on-one position training while integrating Performance programs that promote huge gains in power, speed, confidence and overall health. The result is student-athletes who are coveted by college programs that know our student-athletes will be ready to contribute from day one. To facilitate total athletic development, we offer performance training developed that can integrate with sports training. Our goal is to help you reach your full potential in sport and life.

Course Structure

  • IGCSE & AICE  Technical Degree in Sport and Physical Activity(equivalent 3 A Levels).

  • Fast track course, condensed in to 3 half days in order to maximise training time

  • Access to top university courses and apprenticeships

  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship courses

  • Private driving ranges bays

  • 2-year full-time course for IGCSE and AICE.

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Why Choose This Course?

  • Strength, conditioning and fitness principles covered

  • Compete in american football tournaments