Providing educational courses for 16 - 19 years old combined with a top class sporting academy.
Some of the aspects of the game covered at soccer programs in secondary at Prime School.

Prime School run soccer programs as part of the curriculum in boarding school, with state-of-the-art coaching and concentrated individual attention is given to all students. Soccer is one of the fastest growing and most loved sports in Portugal.

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Why Choose This Course?

  • Technical in Sport and Physical Activity (equivalent of 3 A levels)

  • Fast track course (equivalent 3 A Levels) condensed into 3 half days in order to maximize training time

  • Access to top university courses

  • Access to apprenticeships 

Course Structure

  • Emphasis on individual skills

  • Technical abilities

  • Tactical play

  • Physical fitness

  • Mental agility

  • Leadership

  • Contact with international/local clubs

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