for 6 - to 16-year-olds

This summer, we are offering your child a unique opportunity to experience a truly Portuguese and British camp - English Explorer - that will take place in Estoril, Portugal, within the grounds of a spacious and well-established recreation complex - International Anglo American School.

Your child will be able to learn the English language with the interest and curiosity of a young discoverer while breathing clean seaside air, surrounded by a pine tree forest, and enjoying an active holiday.

Day camp programmes at Prime School offer indoor and outdoor activities, plus opportunities for fun, friendships, and exploration. Our camp tutors work collaboratively to develop a fun curriculum that takes advantage of all that the summer has to offer.

If you would like your child to have fun while getting to understand how the world around them works, then Prime School has the perfect summer camp for you and your young one!

In Robotics programming, children don't only learn how to code a robot, they also get to understand how the world around them works, from the inside. What makes a washing machine spin? Turns the light in the fridge on? Makes a robot change direction when it encounters a wall? 

Being able to answer questions like these provides a new perspective and the foundation for engineering the machines of tomorrow. All our tutors are highly experienced in working with children and undergo professional training. They relate to children on their level, and look for new ways to motivate them through play and projects; but most importantly, they create an enjoyable learning environment, which builds confidence.

Tutors make use of playgrounds, surrounding communities and special guests, as an extension of the camp, thus helping children to discover and love Science, explore Nature, and engage in the Creative Arts, while learning about the vast opportunities the world around them has to offer. 

We follow four essential rules when planning excursions: the summer camp has to:
* be developmentally appropriate;
* be safe;
* have pedagogical value;
be fun!

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Choose your Summer Camp Style

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  • Adventure & Activity

  • Junior Adventurers

  • Advanced Adventure

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  • Dance

  • Film Academy

  • Creative Arts

  • Performing Arts

  • Dance

  • Painting

  • Music

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  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Golf

  • Beach Volleyball

  • Surf

  • Tennis

  • Football

  • Athletics

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  • Create your own robot

  • Battle with your robot in augmented reality

  • Explore AI technologies

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  • English

  • Portuguese

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   Why Choose Us?

  • A full English immersion experience

  • Professional instructors

  • A lifeguard certified team

  • Interaction with over 15 nationalities

  • The opportunity to experience new cultures

  • Real-life skills for the future

  • Close proximity to the seafront

  • The best surf spots for Beginners

  • The best golf courses in Portugal

What We Offer


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A unique, internationally tailored academic offer in Portugal

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