What is the importance of international education, and who benefits from it?

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What is the importance of international education, and who benefits from it?
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Is International education a catalyst for leading change around the world?

International schools, like Prime School International, traditionally cater to internationally mobile expatriate families, who work in international companies, foreign embassies and so on. However, local students can also attend the school, primarily to learn the language used as the medium of instruction there, namely English - the universal language that connects the globalised world.

For those who are currently at Prime School International, they will automatically become part of a genuine and dynamic international community where they will have invaluable access to a wide range of cultures, beliefs, languages and perspectives.

In addition to their studies and future working career, we must primarily also consider the academic atmosphere - always encouraging diversity and inclusion among students, teachers and family, i.e. the community as a whole.

The Career Programmes on offer also make Prime School International unique, as your child's choice of career is probably what you are most concerned about. At this point in life, students may be more concerned about grades, friends, sports and other interests. Even though you may be thinking about these things, exploring a child's career is also an important part of their development. In the list of Career Programmes that are offered, we have Aviation, Business, Marketing, Animal Science, Several Sports, such as Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, Tennis and others.

In addition to this international and future career-focused atmosphere, we can also count on extracurricular activities different from ordinary schools, a greater concern for the environment and sustainability, a native teaching community, various cultural events (such as culture day, pyjamas day, Halloween, carnival, environment day and others) and trips, in addition to the Cambridge Diploma, which is recognised worldwide.

In 2019, ISCResearch reported that the demand for access to international education is gradually increasing year on year.

Education is at the forefront of global development and, with globalisation making it easier than ever for families to move abroad in search of work and study opportunities, it's easy to see the appeal of pursuing an international education these days.

The demand for a 'western-style' education and the increasing prominence of the Cambridge assessment system means that the educational landscape is undergoing a progressive transformation.

International education can be a form of cultural diplomacy. Employers are also interested in international education.

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