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Are you a young aspiring athlete under the age of 18, with a deep passion for sports? Do you aim to enhance your performance while managing your academic responsibilities? Do you dream of playing your favorite sport year-round in ideal weather conditions? 

Are you interested in pursuing secondary education in Portugal and then seeking European, British, or American universities through a sports scholarship? If these aspirations resonate with you, then our specialized student-athlete program is exactly what you're looking for!

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Elite Sports

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At Prime School International

For ages 12 to 18 | All Levels | Training & Activities

Prime School International offers a comprehensive international student-athlete initiative designed to empower emerging golf enthusiasts to pursue their dreams while excelling academically. Our program integrates rigorous golf training, physical conditioning, mental resilience building, personalized competition strategies, and academic rigor to ensure success both on and off the course. 

We are committed to guiding our athletes toward significant academic and athletic achievements, with the ultimate goal of securing scholarships at esteemed European, British, or American universities.


If you are over 14 and interested in sports performance, leadership, or fitness, the Level 2 and Level 3 Diploma in Sport may be ideal for you. This course provides the knowledge, understanding, and practical skills needed for successful employment in the sports and recreation industries. It also prepares you for higher education, such as national diplomas or degrees in Physical Education, Sports Science, Sports Development, or Sports Coaching. Completing these two-year programs, from ages 14 to 16 and then from 16 to 18, is equivalent to earning the IGCSE and three A levels, respectively.

We ensure that students can participate in competitions without compromising their academic progress. Athletes who train 10 to 15 hours per week often show significant improvements, typically involving 4 days of 2-hour practices and 2-3 days of additional training in areas such as strength, skills, endurance, and speed. Some athletes also engage in training practices like GHP, independent training, or additional team sessions. For multi-sport athletes, such as those involved in basketball, this may include dedicating time to another sport alongside their primary training.

We offer full board with inclusive meals, as well as accommodation and cleaning services.

The benefits of each partner:

Prime Golf Academy (France): Offers specialized golf training and coaching, providing students with expert guidance to improve their skills on the golf course.

Benfica Club: Provides access to professional football training facilities and coaching, allowing students to develop their football skills under the guidance of experienced coaches.

Sporting Club: Similar to Benfica Club, Sporting Club offers top-notch football training facilities and coaching, providing students with opportunities to enhance their football abilities.

Estoril Club: Offers a range of sports facilities and activities, including football, tennis, and swimming, allowing students to explore various sports and engage in physical activity.

Sintrense Club: Provides opportunities for students to participate in a variety of sports activities, fostering physical fitness and skill development in different sports disciplines.

Oitavos Golf Course: Offers a premier golfing experience with a challenging course layout and professional coaching, allowing students to refine their golfing skills and enjoy the game.

Estoril Golf Club: Similar to Oitavos Golf Course, Estoril Golf Club provides access to high-quality golf facilities and coaching, enabling students to improve their golfing abilities.

Estoril Tennis Club: Provides access to tennis courts and coaching, allowing students to develop their tennis skills and compete in tournaments if desired.

Lisbon Racket Centre: Offers facilities for various racket sports such as tennis, badminton, and squash, providing students with opportunities to engage in different sports activities.

Alapraia Sports Complex: Provides access to a range of sports facilities, including football fields, swimming pools, and gymnasiums, allowing students to participate in diverse sports activities and maintain physical fitness.

Swimming Pools of Sporting Clube de Portugal: Offers swimming facilities and coaching, allowing students to improve their swimming skills and participate in swimming competitions if interested.

Basketball Courts in Lisbon: Provides access to basketball courts and coaching, allowing students to develop their basketball skills and participate in basketball games and tournaments.

Praia Grande Surf School - We've partnered with them, and Renato Paços trains our students there.

In summary, Prime School's partners offer a wide range of sports facilities, coaching, and activities, providing students with opportunities to explore different sports disciplines, improve their skills, and stay physically active. Specialized coaches work alongside physical education teachers to support students in their athletic pursuits and overall development.

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At Prime School International, we offer exceptional boarding options for students looking to elevate their academic and athletic pursuits. Choose from our comprehensive boarding or day school options, tailored to meet your individual needs.

For those seeking the boarding experience, our residences in Estoril and Lisbon provide comfortable accommodations and inclusive amenities. Enjoy full board, including three nutritious meals per day, along with regular cleaning services. Our strategic locations in Cascais and Lisbon place students just minutes away from top-notch facilities such as the Oitavos golf course, marinas, and sports venues.

As part of our commitment to holistic development, students benefit from a minimum of three hours of daily sports practice, ensuring a balanced approach to academic and athletic growth.

Boarding All-Inclusive Package:

What's Included:

- Full board with three nutritious meals per day

- Comfortable accommodation with regular cleaning services

- Transportation services to school (transportation services not included  to extra curricular activities or clubs)

- Access to our gym and pool facilities for sports preparation

Additional Information:

- Boarding fees cover all accommodation and daily living services, including meals and cleaning.

- Please note that academic fees are separate and cover tuition and educational resources.

- Services are available 7 days a week, excluding holidays such as Christmas, Carnival, Easter, and summer breaks.

For more details or to customize your boarding experience, contact us today!

Boarding Facilities:

Our boarding services include accommodation, laundry, transportation, and meals. Please note that additional charges may apply for holidays beyond specified periods.

Tuition Fees Payments:

Tuition fees can be paid in full by August 31st or termly in August, November, and February. Enjoy a 3% discount for full upfront payment. Payments can be made via MB (Entity/Ref) or in person at our campuses. Proof of payment should be sent to financeiro@primeschool.pt for reconciliation. 

Boarding All-Inclusive Package per year ( September to June):

- Price: €16,500  (excluding academic fees)

- Price: €16,500  + €17,300 academic fees  (14 to 16 years old) 

- Price: €16,500  + €18,300 academic fees (16 to 18 years old)

Take the next step towards academic and athletic excellence with Prime School International. 

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ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certified

Prime School International is proud to be the first international school in Portugal to join the exclusive and prestigious group of Portuguese Certified Educational Institutions.
This certification underscores our commitment to providing the highest standards of education and boarding facilities, ensuring an exceptional learning environment for our students.