Prime School International is a college with three campuses located in Greater Lisbon (Sintra, Estoril, and the center of Lisbon, in Alvalade). Prime School International is part of the largest worldwide school network, present in over 160 countries, providing a challenging and inspiring environment for students.
Our adoption of the Cambridge international curriculum from preschool to advanced levels, including university-level education, ensures a globally recognised standard of education.



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Our Preschool program comprises investigation, exploration and discovery, tailor made for active and enthusiastic children, seeking to discover and hone their skills and knowledge. Specialized pedagogy, purposefully designed learning environments and enriched activities.

The Primary Cambridge Curriculum is delivered in English. For non fluent students we provide ESL English language support in order for them to achieve the same level as International students.

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Our Secondary school teachers focus on assisting each and every student reach their full potential. Instruction is differentiated by using learning, assessment, and communication tools to discover and identify each student's strengths and weaknesses. Our team work collaboratively with families to establish students' individual academic goals and learning pathways.  

The Cambridge Curriculum is delivered in English. We provide ESL english language support for students who are not fluent in English in order for them to achieve the same level as International students.

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Prime School endeavours to educate our students to foster an international, open and inquiring mindset, where topics such as new techniques implemented in ecology, new technologies, the global market and emerging trends are a reality. Our students can select from an array of subject choices to obtain their Cambridge International AS/ A Level and AICE Diploma qualifications.  

Our unique, state-of-the-art Career Programme, offers our students hands on,  practical experience in the fields of Aviation, Management, Marketing, Programming, Robotics and Cookery to name a few.

Nurturing Learning Environments

Spanning three campuses strategically situated in Sintra, Estoril, and our vibrant new locale in Lisbon, our educational scope welcomes students aged 3 to 18. This deliberate approach allows us to foster tailored, intimate learning experiences, as we believe that smaller student populations per campus amplify engagement and individual growth. Additionally, we offer an enriching Boarding House option that further enhances the holistic development of our students.

Thriving Global Fusion

Experience a dynamic convergence of cultures at Prime School International. Our campus flourishes as a hub of diversity, with students from 50+ countries. This vibrant amalgamation creates a global microcosm where languages, traditions, and viewpoints intertwine. As we celebrate our multicultural mosaic, connections span continents and horizons. At Prime, our community radiates with the energy of a world united in learning and growth.

Cambridge IGCSE/A-Levels Curriculum

Our academic journey, anchored in the esteemed Cambridge Curriculum, paves the way from Primary to Secondary education. This pathway not only ensures comprehensive learning but also opens doors to the world's most prestigious universities. At Prime School International, we don't just teach; we empower students to reach for the stars and excel on a global stage.

Campus in Portugal
300 ±
Students per Campus
Average Class Size
Faculty & Staff

Welcome to Prime School International, where we redefine education. Our mission: Cultivating well-being and personal fulfilment in a dynamic academic community. We equip students with vital life skills – efficiency, creativity, and sensitivity – for future triumphs.

Unlocking Potential, Shaping Futures: Prime School International offers a global perspective. We teach diverse subjects passionately, integrating practical skills seamlessly. Our cutting-edge labs drive science and robotics projects, sparking hands-on exploration. We celebrate the fusion of theory and practice, from cooking to environmental studies.

Our unique Career Programme pioneers experiential learning in aviation, sailing, management, marketing, programming, robotics, and culinary arts. We cherish individuality, guiding students to craft their academic journey. Our devoted educators nurture unique talents, fostering independence and growth. Personalized plans align with interests, forging meaningful paths.

At Prime School International, we blend academic rigour, practical aptitude, and personalized support, empowering students to emerge as resilient, creative, and skilled global citizens. Join us to shape extraordinary lives and futures!


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New Campus Lisbon Alvalade - 2023/2024




The Career Programs are fee-based and imply the selection of specific subjects, and support depending the selected career. They encompass a variety of fields: Aviation, Navigation, Culinary Arts, Management, and Sports.

In the Aviation field, students have the opportunity to delve into the aviation universe through a full motion flight simulator or to obtain their Private Pilot License (PPL), which is accessible from the age of 16 with selected subjects as required. The course is conducted entirely at the Prime School International, with flight hours taking place in Tires. Alternatively, students can begin preparing for the aviation management course offered by our partner, Prime Technical Institute. Alternatively, upon completing secondary education, they can directly enter the travel and tourism program with a specialization in aviation management. 

We offer a unique sailing experience using a 39-foot sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 393 Clipper. Students learn to sail and have the chance to navigate the sailboat from Lisbon to the Algarve at the end of the course. If they wish, they can also obtain the Local Skipper License through our partners, leveraging the completed sailing hours and acquired experience.

For those interested in higher technical education, we also provide culinary classes with our chefs. Subsequently, students can opt for higher technical education through the Prime Technica Institute, completing the first two years in Portugal and undertaking a paid internship in various hotels of our partner, the Pestana Group. The education culminates in obtaining a degree from Les Roches de Marbella, opening doors to job opportunities in the world's finest hospitality institutions.

Another career program alternative is "Sport & Science," where students intern at the three schools of Prime School International. This provides them with direct entry into our university courses.

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Soar to New Heights

Prime's High-Flying Career Programs for Future Pilots.

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Sailing Toward Successes

Unleash Your Potential with Our Maritime Career Pathways.

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Unveiling Opportunities

Prime's Travel & Tourism Career Journey Toward Success.

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From Passion to Profession

Prime's Sports Career Pathways.



Welcome to Prime Boarding, where education transcends convention. Situated in the heart of Cascais or Alvalade, Lisbon, our campus offers spacious rooms and an enriching atmosphere. Here, learning extends beyond classrooms – it's about embracing passions and personal growth.

At Prime, we're more than just accommodation. Our diverse extracurricular activities, including football and swimming, foster well-rounded individuals. Living away from home cultivates discipline and maturity, essential for personal development. We firmly believe in the power of education. Our students express themselves, make informed choices, and emerge as future leaders. It's not just about staying; it's about becoming.

Discover a world of cultures at Prime Boarding. Our campus provides a secure, supportive space where interests flourish. Our professional staff caters to individual needs, ensuring every student thrives. From passions to personalised guidance, Prime Boarding is a transformative journey. Join us from the age of 14. Prime Boarding is a community that propels personal goals. Education here knows no limits – it shapes empowered global citizens. Your journey starts here.

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Prime School International Campuses
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Nestled in thands-onresque town of Estoril, our Prime School International campus offers a unique educational haven. With a backdrop of stunning coastal beauty, our Estoril campus provides a dynamic and inspiring environment for students to thrive. Here, academic excellence merges with the allure of the ocean, fostering a holistic learning experience that truly stands out.

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In the heart of vibrant Lisbon, our Prime School International campus thrives as a hub of innovation and culture. With the city's rich history and modern dynamism as its backdrop, our Lisbon campus offers students an unparalleled educational experience. Amidst bustling streets and iconic landmarks, our campus becomes a launchpad for intellectual exploration and personal growth, inviting students to be a part of a global community while embracing the energy of the city.

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Enveloped by the enchanting landscapes of Sintra, our Prime School International campus captures the essence of discovery and education. Set against the backdrop of historic castles and lush forests, our Sintra campus offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and academic engagement. This inspiring setting encourages students to explore, learn, and grow in a truly remarkable environment.

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