Are you concerned or do you feel guilty about not giving your child the amount of attention you feel they deserve?

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Are you concerned or do you feel guilty about not giving your child the amount of attention you feel they deserve?
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 Are you concerned or do you feel guilty about not giving your child the amount of attention you feel they deserve?

Are you concerned about your child’s adaptation and integration at school?

Are you concerned that your child may have serious developmental delays because he/she is a student with special needs?

Our Child Support Department is here to help and support you!

We understand and acknowledge that it is not easy being a parent these days. 

The pressure we are under in our fast-paced lives every day forces us to solve every problem that comes our way without necessarily having the tools or resources to do so or being able to plan accordingly. 

Children are part of our daily life and many times, they do not receive the attention they deserve from us, not because we don't love them but because the pressure of work, family, clients, having to attend to a thousand problems doesn't allow us to be present to the degree we would like to be.

Please do not punish yourself, you are doing your best, being a good mother and/or father, no one is expected to be superman or woman. Whilst some days may seem never-ending,  don't be discouraged as your good energy will contaminate everyone around you and your good mood ensure you are rewarded with the affection of your family, friends, and relatives. It is important to remember our motivation and reason for working, why you have children and why you are happy. 

We suggest connecting with your children on a daily basis, by talking to them individually, without any distractions, ensuring that they really feel listened to and heard. 

Dedicating 15 minutes to them daily will prove invaluable, more important, in fact, than any gift you can give them.

Having listened to them, verbalise your feelings too, this will encourage your children to connect with you and, in turn, build their self-esteem.

Ensure you take the time to relax with your children, without a mobile phone or any other distractions and concentrate on building a strong relationship with the ones you love. 

Adaptability, enabling your child to be more accepting of change.

Adaptability is the ability to adapt to new situations and is a very important life-skill. In a rapidly changing world, we live in a state of constant change. It is therefore more important than ever to know how to remain flexible and play the best role as you face these transitions. This will help you cope with life more easily.

Adaptability is essential for children as they will go through several stages in a short space of time, requiring them to cope with many factors. It is a skill  which can also help them to better enjoy new experiences, such as moving to a school, moving to another city, taking a holiday in a different place and other life events.

While this is good and can be encouraged from an early age, it is also important to respect each child's time and understanding level. Every stimulus should be filled with love for your child, make them feel welcome and develop emotional balance as they look to you for comfort and support:


Here are some tips on how to encourage and support children as they adapt to a new scenario in their lives;

  • Being optimistic about change is very important. 

  • Help your child to face change with a willingness to face the unknown so that he or she is not afraid or apprehensive. 

  • Try to promote constant learning

  • Try to encourage your child to be resilient

  • Try to encourage your child to be empathetic

  • Help him/her to build self-esteem or seek psychological support with a professional 

  • Working together with the school, socio-emotional development is fundamental.

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