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Career classes: A practical approach to discovering your passion

Amanda Costa Santos
October 2022 — 146 views

How can parents become more involved in their children's education?

Amanda Costa Santos
January 2022 — 642 views

What is the importance of international education, and who benefits from it?

Amanda Costa Santos
January 2022 — 646 views

Are you concerned or do you feel guilty about not giving your child the amount of attention you feel they deserve?

Amanda Costa Santos
November 2021 — 701 views

A Brave New Education: Disrupting the Traditional Model through inclusive practices (PBL)

Maria Benedita de Castro Nunes Santos Silva
July 2021 — 2663 views

An innovative approach for the students

Alexandre Rüffer
May 2021 — 3763 views

School life & Covid-19

Maria Benedita de Castro Nunes Santos Silva
January 2021 — 4841 views

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