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Seize the opportunity to become a Pilot!

The program, which costs 15,000€, can be completed intensively in two months or spread out over one academic year.

Contact: info@primeschool.pt

Theoretical Training

This training consists of two components:

a) Distance learning (e-learning) of 9 subjects, based on the PRIME AVIATION digital platform, where the student must study a minimum of 70 hours through self-study. Additionally, 30 hours are required in person at the Prime School Estoril.

b) Videoconferencing classes (159 hours), where various topics from these subjects are explained in detail by one of our instructors, in a highly interactive context, so that trainees feel supported throughout the entire course.

• During this theoretical training, students take various tests (some mandatory) to monitor their level of knowledge.

Once these conditions are met, the student undergoes an exam for each of the subjects.

Practical Training

• This training begins after the student has obtained approval for the 9 subjects.

• It consists of 45 hours of Flight Instruction in one of our airplanes with one of our Flight Instructors.

• At the end of the training period, the student undergoes an exam that, upon approval, allows the issuance of their Private Pilot License (PPL(A)).